Will ticket having Tqwl 5 get confirm?

Will ticket having Tqwl 5 get confirm?
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(jijin) #1

Tqwl is 5 should i cancel this ticket or will it confirm by tomorrow 3:45 pm

(Manu Pandu) #2

please provide PNR number then we can say

(jijin) #3

Thanks for the valuable response PNR no. 4345138602 for the same

(Hamendra Singh) #4

It will be confirmed by tomorrow.

(prakash) #5

Chance of your tickets is 65% show chart preparation for tommorow

(Vikas Reddy) #6

Yes it may be confirmed since it is in wl2 so it will most likely to be confirmed by tomorrow

(jijin) #7

Thanks for the reply brother…

(jijin) #8

Thank you so much bhai… So i hope as per your view i shouldn’t be cancelling this ticket

(Vikas Reddy) #9

Your ticket is confirmed

(system) #10

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