Will this PNR 6214799597 get confirm?

Will this PNR 6214799597 get confirm?
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(priya rai) #1

My ticket are 23 rac and my journey 28/5/2018 it conform or not

(Ahmed Shaikh) #2

If it’s in 3ac it won’t confirm it wud remain rac in sleeper it should confirm but if cancellation doesn’t happen it wud also remain rac

(priya rai) #3

Mujhe tickect cancel krwa du me tickect rac me he to kya journey kr sakti hu mujhe kii birth milega

(ajay) #4

Priya , it’s already confirmed.your ticket will be in RAC after charting .no need to cancel you can travel.but you have to share berth with other.

(ajay) #5

Rac pe journey Kar Sakti .

(system) #6

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