Will RAC96 get confirm?

Will RAC96 get confirm?
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(deepanshu) #1

my booking status in train no 22950 is showing RAC96/79 TO WL1/RAC82 can i know chances of its confermation

(Manu Pandu) #2

send me the PNR number, then we can say about your status

(deepanshu) #3

2727073165 this is pnr no

(Ahmed Shaikh) #4

It should mostly confirm as almost a month left

(Manu Pandu) #5

You 30 more days to chart prepare. Your ticket has already confirmed with RAC(You will get Side lower berth for two passenger), after chart preparation you may get full berth. you need to wait and check after 20 days then you get some idea about the seats confirm.

(system) #6

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