Why was I allotted berths in different coaches?

Why was I allotted berths in different coaches?
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( G K MAJI) #1

Today I booked a ticket(PNR 4659741209)by checking its confirm availability for my wife and 13 years son. Although there were 9 tickets available but I got the ticket in two different coach. Is there any possibility to get both the birth on same coach or I need to Cancell my ticket.

(@shish) #2

Out of 9 there might be no 2 births were available together

( G K MAJI) #3

I opted “Not to book the ticket if berths are not alloted on same coach.”, considering my little child. Railway must check the software for such situation.

(Sandip Kumar Singh) #4

You missed to select confirm seat to same coach

(Sartaj Khan) #5

Further, this kind of problem will not occur if while booking your tickets u will opt that option which is “Book only if cnfm berths are alloted in the same coach”.
This option will be available right below the “Book only cnfm berths are alloted option”…

( G K MAJI) #6

As per your suggestion, I cancelled my last ticket and tried to book by opting “Book only if cnfm berths are allotted in the same coach”. But the amount was deducted(ref Transition ID:100001353451379 dated 13/07/18) and ticket was not booked with a message " Choice of 1 lower birth not meet". Although I have not opted for any lower birth. Both the screen shoot is sent through email as areply.
Looking forward for a positive resolution.

(Inder) #7

Hello Sir,

You got any answer as the same thing happened with me as well.
It appears to be an issue with the application of booking of IRCTC.

( G K MAJI) #8

No answeer/resolution received so far. However looking forward for positive resolution.

(Drmanoranjan Chowhan) #10

Yes I faced same issue and as I enquired with IRCTC they were not able to help either, It’s funny if one travels with family and births allocated in different coaches it is problematic and Railway authorities should make provision for family to travel together for reason mentioned.