Why it is saying that this halt has been deleted from ISL

Why it is saying that this halt has been deleted from ISL
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(Krunal Dhole) #1

[My query is about PNR 8425549500 for train 11027 CHENNAI MAIL]

(Rudransh Shiv Shukla) #2

That means when you are trying to see the route of train for which you are viewing in the Railway site.
The train will not stop/halt now in that station.
That means u unable co relate your staion code is ISL as per railways and the STN deleted means the particular train will not stop in the station whose code is ISL. (STN - means station in railway codification in the web site.

(Krunal Dhole) #3

Means the train will not stop at raichur station as I have done reservation from raichur to chennai Central

Its saying “ISLDELETED(div)”

(Rudransh Shiv Shukla) #4

You have to call Railway helpline number for more detail, it’s 139


139 is so irresponsible. I called them 3 times, hoping someone would give proper information about “This halt has been deleted from ISL” they say, there is no change in schedule and halt. if I need further information,
I need to physically visit the boarding station to enquire.

139 helpline does not even provide, contact number or the boarding railway station.

They say everything is fine. Do not allow us to talk further, Without even closing the call, they hang up the call. So rude & absurd. This " Chalta Hai" attitude of 139 inconveniences, so much to the passengers, with their planned journeys & ease of journey.

I am sure, Railways will not even see my grievance or address. It is for the fellow passengers to be on alert with your planned journeys !!


Added to that, my boarding station phone number (which I found on google), just keeps ringing when dialed.
No one picks the call.

Koyi poochne wala hai kya, in logonko, ya retirement tak manmani chalega ?