Why is the train 19332 so much delayed?

Why is the train 19332 so much delayed?
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(Adarshnrd) #1

Kya hey yar 5 hours say late hey kuchvali 19332 wala train har station par ruk rahi hey. Balki train schedule may bhi nahi hey ye stations… What is this indian railways. Approx 6 hours ho ney Wala hey.

(Shayak Bhattacharjee) #2

Likely situation is, already you train has lost priority due to late so it does not have a clear section. Hence encountering red signal repeatedly. Also, other train which are on time will allowed to overtake it.

Aisa mere saath bhi hui hai - ek baar late toh aur late, aur late, aur late… 12312 thi uss baar gaadi.

(Rajendra Kumar Arora) #3

You are only 5/6 hrs late. Thank to Indian railways where yesterday train reaching today.