Why is the train 11003/Tutari Express mostly delayed?

Why is the train 11003/Tutari Express mostly delayed?
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(Amol Samant) #1

10103 and 10104…एक्सप्रेस category but schedule is as poor as passenger run on same route

can passenger claim at consumer court

(Amol Samant) #2

11003 and 11004 train number तुतारी एक्सप्रेस

(Saurabh) #3

I don’t know the exact reason but mostly delay happens when a high priority train pass and the train in subject has to halt to give way to other train. So even when a train is of Express category or Superfast category, delay is bound to happen. In India issue is mainly due to low number of tracks, its capacity and its low maintenance.

(Amol Samant) #4

how come similar category train take over which is almost more than 1.5 hrs away from it

and to make it happen TUTARI exp is being side lined for hrs

(Saurabh) #5

Brother, priorities are set even with same category trains. Many a times when two Shatabdi train has to pass, they stop one and allow other to pass. Same way the above mentioned issue can happen. I think it is not just with category of train, but the origin…destination it is going through plus the timings of other trains at those stations also impact train’s running. I will give one scenario to make my point.

For example if train A and train B(this has slightly more priority) is near to station X and train A has to reach station X (where it has to take a halt for half hour) by 1 PM and around 1:45 PM a Rajdhani has to pass through X. If there are only two tracks at station X (and second track is under maintenance), chances are train A will get a pass so that the track is available for Rajdhani to pass at its scheduled time. So this way a low priority train got a pass while holding a high or similar priority train.

(Amol Samant) #6

all correct
but side line for hrs is poor management by traffic department