Why am I getting error while booking lower berth quota ticket on irctc site?

Why am I getting error while booking lower berth quota ticket on irctc site?
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(Mohammed Farmaan Malik) #1

I am booking under senior citizen quota for 2 passenger - Male 66 and female 59. Berth selected lower for both after making payment its shows error invalid quota. Can u guide me why am I getting this error?

(Saurabh) #2

Recently IRCTC has added special lower berth quota radio button. After getting list of trains between origin and destination pairs, click on Lower Berth quota radio button. Then click on class of respective train to get the availability and fare. In next screen enter the passenger details, do payment and booking should be done.

From your case, I see that you satisfy the age criteria (60+ for male, 45+ for female). Either the quota just got exhausted while you were booking or the irctc website had an instantaneous glitch. Did you try booking again?

(Mohammed Farmaan Malik) #3

Yes even try in general error getting concession not applicable

(G.Aditya Kiran) #4

Hi…I too experienced the same issue today. I tried booking a ticket for a senior citizen of 79 years age(male)…i tried in the App… Tried booking the ticket 3 times…On all the 3 occasions,money got debited but ticket wasn’t booked…maybe a glitch…i sent mail to customer care…let’s see.

(Malaya Manjari Nayak) #5

There are lower berth quota available for males above 60, females above 45 travelling unaccompanied. How ever they will not be allotted if someone lower than their age accompany them. Also there is no senior citizen concession if booked under this quota. No extra charges also. But if you book under senior citizen quota online, lower berth is not guaranteed