Which is the best train to travel from Delhi to Goa?

Which is the best train to travel from Delhi to Goa?
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(Tanuj Luthra) #1

I am planning for goa from delhi in October which is the best train. And when shall i book the ticket

(Rahul Bhagat) #2

All the trains in this route…are good…

(Ankit) #3

Try Goa sampark karanti. It’s a good choice.

(Saurabh) #4

@Tanuj_Luthra to travel from Delhi to Goa these three are best choices:

  1. Trivandrm Rajdhani -12432. This train takes least time of around 25 hours and 37 minutes starting at 10:55 from Nizamuddin and reaches at around 12:32 at Madgaon. It runs three days a week (Tues, Wed and Sun)

  2. Nzm Mao Rajdhani - 22414. This train runs 2 days a week and takes around 25 hours and 55 minutes. It leaves from NZM at 10:55 in morning and reaches Madgaon at 12:50 next day.

  3. NZM ERS Duronto - 12284. This is another option that runs only on Saturdays and takes about 28 hours and 40 minutes to reach Madgaon. Starting at 21:35 it reaches Goa at 2:15 at night. Timings might be little odd for this train, but is a good option to travel.

Depending on your day of travel and timings suitable, you can opt for any of these trains. There are other options too that can be explored, but these are the fastest options with good facilities for long journeys!