When will the train booking open?

When will the train booking open?
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(Soumya Ghosh) #1

How can i know from when booking is starting? If any one know this please let me know. It will help me a lot.

(Vikash Dhanuk) #2

U can book your tickets 7 days beforeā€¦at 12:30 am in covid 19 spacel train

(Rohit) #3


Indian Railways has cancelled all regular passenger train services including mail/express trains and suburban services till June 30. You can book your tickets on COVID-19 special trains. The maximum advance reservation period (ARP) for COVID-19 special passenger trains is 7 days only.

(Rajiv Singh) #4

U can also check trains and seat availability on trainman or irctc app.And if their is some special train and seats are available for ur destination you will get the option to book. Bcz in the current scenario Indian Railways is not accepting any waiting bookings.