What is time for advance booking?

What is time for advance booking?
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(Rohan phull) #1

I want to book tickets for kalka Simla Express and I know that booking get open 1 month before but I am not sure about time? That at what time booking gets start… So, plz if anyone knows then please tell me the time.

(Shailendra Tiwari) #2

Bro there is so many train between Kalka and Simla ,u only need to do is arch train from Kalka(klk) to Simla(SML) on trainman and u can book👍

(Rahul Maru) #3

advance booking of any train and for any class starts before 120 days.
as you are booking in toy train, the fare of berth may hike at the time of travel, if that happen, then you will have to pay difference fare during journey.