What is the schedule of train no. 22113?

What is the schedule of train no. 22113?
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(Madhu Agarwal) #1

Train 22111 which starts from LTT station and goes upto KCVL station in Kerala.
Start time from LTT is shown different at web sites. One says start time 4.30AM while other shows start time from LTT as 16.55 hrs.

(Rohit) #2

Usually, the train schedule is shown in 24-hour format.
Train no. 22113 Mumbai LTT Kochuveli SF Express departs from Lokmanya Tilak Term at 16:55 and reaches its destination station, Kochuveli at 20:50. Also, Train no. 22111 Bhusaval Nagpur InterCity (Dada Dham) Express (via Itarsi) is an altogether different train.
You can click on the link below to know the complete schedule of the train.