What does Aisle mean?

What does Aisle mean?
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(amit kumar) #1

[My query is about PNR 6212581809 for train 12203 GARIB RATH EXP]. My coach j3 Ac coach & aisle seat means


Side to the middle seat

(Rahul Bhagat) #3

Ek hota h window seat…thn middle seat…thn…uske side wala aisle…
Hope u understand :slight_smile::+1:

(Rohit) #4

Aisle seat means the seat that is just next to the passage where one walks to get to their seat. read this to get clear idea on aisle seats:

(Amit kumar) #5

Si mera tiket confom ho jayga kya 2724182294

(Rudransh Shiv Shukla) #6

It’s a yes, Apka confirm ho jayega…@ Amit Kumar