What are the confirmation chances of PQWL11?

What are the confirmation chances of PQWL11?
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(Devendra Sharma) #1

I have booked the ticket 1week before but the ticket is not confirmed it’s show PQWL 11 can you tell the chances of confirmation my journey date is 3 Feb 2020.

(Dr-Shrey Jain) #2

Zero percent chance since it’s pooled qouta wait list

(Akhil) #3

The Indian Railways gives priority to long-distance passengers so there’s a smaller number of berths allotted for PQWL. Therefore chances for confirmation of tickets under PQWL is relatively lesser than General Waiting List (GNWL).
Still, you can enter your PNR in the link given below to know the chances of your ticket confirmation. You can also check the trends by which you can know about the past similar cases.