Up to what time should I cancel the ticket for train no. 16860?

Up to what time should I cancel the ticket for train no. 16860?
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(Riyaz khan) #1

I need to cancel a ticket on train 16860.train starts at Mangalore at 6.45 am .but my boarding station is pugalur at 7.05 pm.upto which time I cancel my ticket.please reply me

(Rakesh Agarwal ) #2

You can cancel your tickets 4 hours before your journey.

(Rakesh Agarwal ) #3

Your charting will be done at Erode. So you have to cancel ypur tickets four hours before charting time around 13:45 hours for refund.

(Riyaz khan) #4

But train starts at Mangalore at 6.45 am .pls reply me

(Rakesh Agarwal ) #5

It does not matter as all trains have different charting stations. Your charting stations is Erode. Your chart will prepare at ED so you can cancel your tickets prior to 4 hours as scheduled departure time at ERODE.

(Rajesh Tripathy) #6

Always cancel the ticket before 3hrs or chart prepared from source station

(Riyaz khan) #7

After chart preparation if my ticket status is RAC will I get refund after cancellation

(Rakesh Agarwal ) #8

Yes… You will get refund. But cancellation had to br done before atleast half n hour before the the scheduled departure of train.

(Sanu) #9

Your train is having Remote Location Quota in which chart preparation is done separately for different different important stations. So in your case your boarding time is 7PM so chart will be prepared around 3-4 PM. So upto 30 minutes before the train departure time from your boarding station you can cancel your waiting or RAC ticket.
If your ticket remained in waiting/RAC after chart preparation and if you will cancel it upto 30 minutes before the departure of the train you will get your full amount refunded by deducting clerkage charge of Rs. 60.

For more details about cancellation policy and charges please visit the following link :


(shailesh singh) #10

After chart is prepared no refund