Unable to view PNR history if its more than 10 PNR search

Unable to view PNR history if its more than 10 PNR search
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(Sankar) #1

I am unable to view PNR history if its more than 10 PNR in the history.

(Rohan Rathod) #2

There is a new rule. You cannot view the details of PNR if its more than 45 days old. That PNR becomes invalid and if you need the details you have to file a TDR or something…

(Sankar) #3

No its not a old PNR and its a future PNR .

(Rohan Rathod) #4

Where r u not able to see the PNR history? In the IRCTC app?

(Sankar) #5

In the trainman.in site i am unable to see the future pnr history if the pnr is more than 10 records.

(Rohan Rathod) #6

Then you must delete the old PNRs and check this one…and you can reapply the old pnr and delete this one as u require

(Sankar) #7

No why should i delete old pnr, Whatever pnr’s i have are all the new one’s i.e future pnr’s which i have booked for next 3-4 months.

(Rohan Rathod) #8

I think there is a rule that u cannot search for more than 10 PNRs at a time…so if u have more than 10 u just can delete one and check this one… Just check one by one… U can delete and reapply it infinite times…so no problems if u delete it right now…

(Sankar) #9

No why should i delete it?. In the earlier trainman.in version I was able to view all 10+ pnr’s at one shot and in the latest updated trainman.in site they have screwed it up. Got it?

(Rohan Rathod) #10

Okk…got it…if thats the case then they have screwed up

(Aarya) #11

@Sankar Hey…thanks for pointing the bug. It will be resolved in a couple of days. Appreciate your kind efforts.

(Sankar) #12

Wow nice, I found this bug few days back itself but was on the opinion that it was broken intentionally and I thought that the navigational links are missing which is a bug. :slight_smile:

(Aarya) #13

@Sankar Can you share screenshot of the issue you are facing at feedback@trainman.in. Our team just checked for the above issue and found it to be working just fine. Please write to us with a screenshot of the display where more than 10 PNR’s are entered to check status.

(Sankar) #14

ok sure, will do it…

(Sankar) #15

I have sent it. please check it.