Train 13308 Ganga Sutlej Express Reviews

Train 13308 Ganga Sutlej Express Reviews
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13308 Ganga Sutlej Express runs from Firozpur Cant - FZR to Dhanbad Jn - DHN and has classes Second AC (2A), Third AC (3A) and Sleeper (SL).

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(Rudra) #2

1.Punctuatilty - I travelled 13308 Ganga Sutlej Express on 14.5.2018 in sleeper class(though my booking was on 13.5.2018, as the train was delayed by nearly four hours, so the date became 14.5.2018). My booking was from Varanasi to Dhanbad. Its schedule departure was 20.45hrs at varanasi but it arrived at 00.10 hours(delayed by 3hrs 40min) and departed at 00.20.It was scheduled to arrive at platform no. 9 at varanasi but later it was changed(loco(wdg 4g)of varanasi bareilly express which was also scheduled to depart from the same platform before the arrival of 13308 got some issues and hence its depaurture was delayed) and finally arrived at platform no 6.
2.Cleanliness - The train was dirty specially the washrooms(flooded with waste and dirty water),sinks.The coaches were also dirty.Empty packets of biscuits,cakes,aluminium foil , empty water bottles , waste foods were present here and there in the coaches. Water was spilled in some places.
3.Food - As i boarded the train at late night, so i didnt find any vendors.In the next morning too I didn’t find any vendors(even Irctc authorised vendors from the pantry cars).As the train was scheduled too arrive at dhanbad at 4.55 a.m. so probably that might the reason behind not finding any vendors. So can’t comment on food.
4.Uncrowded - The train was fully occupied. Many people having waitlisted tickets were occupying reserved seats in sleeper coaches.Some peolpe having tickets of general class and some don’t even have tickets were also present. No strict action were taken by the TTE(2 of them were there, came to check our ticket at around 3 a.m.) like imposing fine or made to deboard from sleeper class.I was awake till late night(3 am) but surprisingly didn’t find any RPF personnel patrolling the train at night.