Train 12617 Mangala Lakshadweep SF Express Reviews

Train 12617 Mangala Lakshadweep SF Express Reviews
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12617 Mangala Lakshadweep SF Express runs from Ernakulam Jn - ERS to Delhi H Nizamuddin - NZM and has classes Second AC (2A), Third AC (3A) and Sleeper (SL).

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(Prajith Nambiar) #2

one of the worst trains i have travelled and I usually prefer this train as the last resort whenever i travel to kerala from kalyan. Its an old ship and should be retired soon. Recently when i was traveling in 3 ac the rain eater was leaking through the window and covered the floor of my coach making it filthier. The crowd is also usually below standards…not everyone though but u do get lots of uncultured crowd. If at all you want to travel in this train, prefer 2AC
food is ok…have not fallen ill ever…but in comparison to the cleanliness of regular coaches i can only imagine the hygiene of pantry.
train is never on time. atleast 1-2 hrs delay.