Train 12398 Mahabodhi Express Reviews

Train 12398 Mahabodhi Express Reviews
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(system) #1

12398 Mahabodhi Express runs from New Delhi - NDLS to Gaya Jn - GAYA and has classes Second AC (2A), Third AC (3A) and Sleeper (SL).

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(Aaditya Vasu) #2

The train connects a major tourist hub of Bihar from the National Capital but it is rare that train departs Delhi on time and about reaching Gaya, it never. The average delay of the train to Gaya is about 4-5 hours due to its timing. After departing Kanpur, the strecth between CNB and ALD is I think the worst for a normal super fast trains because of Rajdhanis. In my case the train reached Allahabad Jn at around 10 PM, 2 hours delay from its actual time. And it departed ALD at about 1.55 PM because all Rajdhanis came and passed.
The railway should take care of these trains also and not only Rajdhanis.
The food was very good on the train. Cleanliness was not that good. Overall a bad experience.

(piyush) #4

This train connects the the major Buddhist tourist centre in Bihar with the capital city of India.
The train normally leaves New Delhi at the right time(not during Winter) and it runs at a good speed till Panki near Kanpur. Due to heavy traffic at Kanpur it gets late sometimes by an hour.
Going by the recent trends, it covers CNB-ALD stretch in Just 2 hrs i.e @100kph.
But then comes the Daddy’s time, yes, RAJDHANI EXPRESS. 5 Rajdhani trains depart from Delhi in a span of roughly 65 min and all of them run one behind another.
These Rajdhani trains overtake Mahabodhi exp between Vindhyachal and Mughalsarai, if they are running at their scheduled time. Mahabodhi gets delayed by 2.5 to 3 hrs till it reaches Mughalsarai. Then after it doesn’t get too late.

The train is always crowdy, food quality has improved in the recent years and cleanliness is maintained(though people don’t co-operate).
This train is NEVER on time.

This train remains cancelled for some days during winter season and when it runs, it runs too badly in those foggy conditions. If you’re travelling in winters then brace yourself for 9-10 hrs delay or even more.