Train 12393 Sampoorna Kranti SF Express Reviews

Train 12393 Sampoorna Kranti SF Express Reviews
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(system) #1

12393 Sampoorna Kranti SF Express runs from Rajendra Nagar Bihar - RJPB to New Delhi - NDLS and has classes First AC (1A), Second AC (2A), Third AC (3A) and Sleeper (SL).

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(Prem Bandhu) #2

ये ट्रैन कभी खाली नही जाती, अक्सर overcrowded ही होता है। टाइम पर पहुंचने की सम्भवना नगण्य है। 2 से 3 घंटा लेट होना सामान्य बात है। यात्रा से कुछ दिन पहले टिकट मिलने की संभावना तो पहले भी कम रहती थी लेकिन जबसे उसका ठहराव मुगलसराय में किया गया टिकट काफी पहले खत्म हो जाता है। रही खाने के स्वाद का तो चाय के नाम पर गरम पानी तो परोसा ही जाता है। बाकी खाना तो माशाअल्लाह है ही

(Praveen Kumar) #3

I have been using this train for the past four years to make it to the home in holidays from Patna to New Delhi. It is the best train for this route after Rajdhani Express. The train starts from the Patna Junction at 18:00 with exceptional delays during Rain, Fog etc. Talking about the arrival time at New Delhi Railway station, it has reached on the exact time of 7:40 only once during my four year travel but reaches delhi with an average delay of 1.5 hours. This is common for all trains on that route. 12393 beats all other trains on this route except rajdhani and if sampoorn is late by 3-5 hours all other trains will be late by 18+ hours.
Talking about cleanliness this train coaches are all new but the toilet becomes intolerable in the late morning hours. The train has pantry and the food is of the same quality served in all other trains in Indian Railways. But the main drawback of this train is crowdness. Being the best value for money train on this route, confirmed ticket will be available only 2-2.5 months earlier. This train tatkal gets filled fastest in the whole IR and waitlist passengers fill the train. The solution is to keep calm and adjust till 9-10 pm after which everyone settles down

(Aslam) #4

This is to delayed train and low class quality train. I mark this train 2 star cetagry and I am not happy about his train timing and punctuality.
It’s lower class trains…!!!