Train 12203 Saharsa Amritsar Garib-Rath Reviews

Train 12203 Saharsa Amritsar Garib-Rath Reviews
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(system) #1

12203 Saharsa Amritsar Garib-Rath runs from Saharsa Jn - SHC to Amritsar Jn - ASR and has classes Third AC (3A) and Chair Car (CC).

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(Jayant Kumar) #2

i book ticket train no.12203 saharas amritsar garib rath train on journey date 22.02.18. train Punctuality is very bad. train delay 5.45 hrs. this is very bad train…

(Deepak Jha) #3

The train is generally late by 4-5 hours sometime even before it starts it’s journey. Very little care has been taken in keeping this train clean and once its started nobody bothers to clean until completion of journey. Never ever touch the food served here.
And though it is a reserved 3AC train but crowd here is like a compartment from a general train. You can’t see this train run with any seat unoccupied on any day of year and yet railway hasn’t added new trains or improved the conditions of trains on this route.