Train 11025 Bhusaval Pune Express Reviews

Train 11025 Bhusaval Pune Express Reviews
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11025 Bhusaval Pune Express runs from Bhusaval Jn - BSL to Pune Jn - PUNE and has classes Chair Car (CC) and Second Seater (2S).

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(Kishan Pokar) #2

The priority given to this train is very poor i mean i am a regular traveler with this train in the route from nasik to pune and pune to nasik from pune its okay mostly but fron nasik its alwys late couple minutes and today 3/9/2018 it break the record and came ridiculously 2 hr 45 min late this was too much not good impression for me and now i think I would barely think of this train when visiting pune again i rather go with bus its okay if it may cost few hunder bugs extra but comfort and convenience is worth it