RLWL quota preference

RLWL quota preference
0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0

(Prasanna B R) #1

A - source station
B - intermediate main station (RL quota)
C - next to intermediate main station (using same quota as above)
D - one station before destination
E - destination station.

Now my doubt is, if I book a ticket from B to E has better confirmation than D to E? but running wait list number is same for both.

that is RLWL 70/31 is the wait list number for any pair of station I book. in this case I think it doesn’t matter we book B to E or C to D… both have same level of preference right?

(Vineet Chirania) #2

Hi Prasanna,

If both from station B and station C, RLWL quota is same i.e. same RLWL waiting number is allotted, then both are equally likely to get confirmed.

However, if RL quota is different (multiple RLWL quotas is possible for a journey) for both stations then one will have higher chances of confirmation than the other.

(Prasanna B R) #3

yes vineet, both stations share the same RL waiting quota