Query about booking ticket for infant

Query about booking ticket for infant
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(Tazeen Lodi) #1

Infant Booking

I want to travel from LKO to LTT in AC first class i have 01 adult & 2 kids i don’t want somebody will join us in cabin my kids age are 6 & 4 so should i book full four tickets or only 3 and if book 3 only and one as infant can someone will join me in cabin or my kid also will get berth please help me in this matter so i can book my train, is it OK if i show my kid age 5 year as he is still not complete his age is 4.6
please give me answer

(Tania ) #2

@Tazeen_Lodi It is not guaranteed that you would be allocated the same cabin in AC First Class while booking tickets because the seat allotment relies upon the seat availability. Since your child’s age is 4.6 years old, you could either choose to select the option of 5 years old while booking a ticket for the child if you want a berth for him, for that you would be charged the full amount of a berth or if you untick the option of opting berth for the child, you would be charged half amount of the ticket and the child would not be allocated a berth.
In case you choose the option of booking a ticket for a 4-year-old, you would not be charged for the child’s ticket and the child would not be allocated a berth as the children under 4-year-old are not allocated berths according to the Indian Railways rules.