Queries regarding 1A class coupe!

Queries regarding 1A class coupe!
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(vishal) #1

Dear All,

I am travelling by Haripriya express next month to tirupati from Belgaum junction. I usually travel by flight but for experience sake I am travelling by train for the first time in my life. I will be travelling with my wife and 6 month old infant baby.

I have confirmed 1AC tickets and I have gone through the earlier posts on allotment of coupe queries. I understand that allotment of coupe is a matter of luck and the chances. But I also know that one can request for a coupe. Would appreciate if anyone if you can assist on my below queries :

  1. At Belgaum junction (while going) and at tirupati junction (while coming), to whom and how should I submit request for a coupe. I am currently in Mumbai, so is there a way I can submit request via email or should it be in person only at the source junction?

  2. can you provide feedback on how the actual train is I. E haripriya express (17415 and 17416).I mean the logistics, staff behavior, food etc.

  3. is 1Ac safe for travel during night. I am asking this question as there is a probability that no one else might be available in 1Ac as usually people don’t travel in 1ac in this journey (that’s what my Understanding is)

Thanks in advance for your help and inputs

(vishal) #2

No replies guys from anyone… I am sure someone might be having some inputs on my queries… Appreciate your response :anguished:

(Ramanarayanan) #3

When you say you are from

(Ramanarayanan) #4

When you say currently you are at Mumbai and normally you travels by flight and for the first time you are going to travel by a train, will there be any takers to reply to you??:. Is your idea to inform others that you are travelling by 1 AC. Or is it you are going to travel in I AC for the first time???!

(vishal) #5

I dint get what you are trying to say… Yes am travelling by train as a first timer and hence I am having this question… Do you have any suggestions… And why do you think there will be no takers to my question if I am travelling by train first time???

(Ram Mohan Mantri) #6

You can go happily.

1AC coupe you will be alloted after chart preparation based on travellers. You will be getting an sms regarding the allotment.

Coming to logistics, you can happily travel in 1AC at night as your travel between belgaum and tirupati is safe.

Staff behavior will be good as it depends on us.

For food its recommended to carry from home as you said you are traveling with infant baby.

Have a safe and pleasant journey!!!

(vishal) #7

Thanks Ram for your inputs… That helps

(Prabhat Kumar) #8

You may approach CRS/DRM/CCM of the source station with an application for allotment of coupe along with your PNR mentioned.
However, in case of any VIP/HO quota booking, their PNR gets priority over any other request made by any general quota passenger.