Plz help as soon as possible 🙏 plz

Plz help as soon as possible 🙏 plz
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(Ashif) #1

I want to find my sis her name is nagma i hope sheis in this train with someone or Alone with one big bag like case! If uh find her i will pay uhh 10k to 15k plz 8292702786 call me ASAP she catch the train form siwan (sv) plz help me

(Ashif) #2

She is near about 5.1/2 inc maximum or 20+ age

(Ashif) #3

13020 Train no plz help ASAP

(Ismail Hussain) #5

What a moron you are searching her online. Ek jawaan ladki khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai…
it must be plundered by know or showered on someone.