Plz Don't transfer any amount to anyone saying they are from Trainman and they can get you confirm tickets!

Plz Don't transfer any amount to anyone saying they are from Trainman and they can get you confirm tickets!
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(Debdutta iyer) #1

That guy said will get the money back but now he is not available anywhere… Bloody frauds

(Pooja) #2

Same happened with me​:persevere::persevere::persevere:

(Debdutta iyer) #3

These people should be publicly assaulted …fraud cheat

(Sanjay Sharma) #4

Same problem face here

(Manu Pandu) #5

Just tell them to do reservation first then you can send money to …
.why your sending money first…

(Sanjay Sharma) #6

Pl beware this maine kal is no per call kiya mujhe ticket lena hai bola half payment karo maine 1000/_ transfer kiya uske bad phone bhi nahi uthata hai switch off aap log is fraud man se safe ho jaye

(Pooja) #8

Manohar sir he told me that he will confirm my all tickets with in a day.
And demanded for 2000 however i transferred only 1000.

(Debdutta iyer) #11

Even I transferred 1000for 2 1AC tickets for yesterday mandovi express

(Manu Pandu) #12

Everyone will struggle to earn money boss…You need to be very care full

(Manu Pandu) #13

Now waste of time to think about that…what you you want to do tell me

(Debdutta iyer) #14

Boss nahi am maam and anyways when I get a mail from some trainman site I didn’t think much cz it was no random msg and he even msged me on the site so no genuine person from trainman also informed that these are fraud

(Debdutta iyer) #16

U give a solution what is to be done am not blaming you… And it’s not even about 1000 bucks but this wrong fooling this way so many people have so many problems emergency is this correct… U are the best person to give solution… I have his account details, paytm number and his number

(Sanjay Sharma) #17

Manohar sir fraud karne wale ka name vikash hai or mumbai se hai

(Vineet Chirania) #18

Hello folks,

This is Vineet from Trainman.

Please never ever pay anyone on this forum any money just because he or she claims of anything.

This is public forum made for the intention of travellers helping each other. It is sad that some fraudsters use this forum for cheating. Although we try to keep tab of all activities but sometimes some of them might skip our eyes. Therefore, I request everyone to be vigilant and do not tranfer any money to anyone who you do not trust. This applies to your life in general and this forum in particular


(Manu Pandu) #19

You cannot do anything madam…You can give complaint on
him in the police station…but…they will not do any action …because its 1000 bucks…it’s very wrong doing like that…what we cannot do​:sweat::sweat::sweat:

(Anshul Kushwaha) #20

(Manu Pandu) #21

I don’t no about that person who ever saying…I cannot do anything about him…I’ll give suggestion buddy…how to do reservation for which train is better for us

(Debdutta iyer) #22

Mr vineet would request you to post this msg as soon as anybody joins your site or some other way… Spread this to the people who trust your site at least

(Vineet Chirania) #23

Hello Debdutta,

We are extremely sorry to hear about the fraud. We will be more vigilant from now onwards. Also as per your suggestion we will post a message at the top for every user advising them not to pay money to anyone on this forum. Trainman predicts the ticket confirmation chance but in no way can we confirm any waitlisted or RAC ticket. We do not have such authority.

Having said that I request you please do not believe any message or email from Trainman unless any official id is used. Our official email id would be like

(Debdutta iyer) #25

I understand and we are not talking about those… Hr it’s about the fraudster and he said if I don’t get seat he will transfer the amount and then flew off