My ticket is in waitlisting or RAC?

My ticket is in waitlisting or RAC?
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(Mukesh Chauhan) #1

WL/39, RAC/149. this is a single ticket for single. is this RAC or WL ticket?

(Rohit) #2

To know the status of your PNR, please click on the link given below which will display the booking status and current status of your PNR. You can also view trends option which will give you a fair idea about the past similar cases.If the RAC 149 is shown under current status this means that you have been allotted a RAC ticket i.e. Reservation Against Cancellation. In RAC, two passengers have to adjust on a single berth. Usually, RAC ticket status passengers are allotted side lower berths. The seat number will be allotted to you after the preparation of the chart.

(Prashantseo) #3

May i want to know your booking platform first’…

You have a book tickets on railways tickets counter ya through irctc website .

As per your information
You have book a ticket that time your seat is not confirmed that’s reason railway give you one waiting list number.

After chart prepared railway allot your seat in A RAC (reservation against cancellation).

In a rac you give a half seat… that’s means…one seat two persons… railway always allot you side lower seats for RAC person.