My brother has confirmed booking in Rajdhani 3A....Can i go with him by an open ticket

My brother has confirmed booking in Rajdhani 3A....Can i go with him by an open ticket
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(Sankalp Malpani) #1

Please, i am going from pune to jaipur…on Diwali due to some circumstances i was not able to book my ticket…but my brother is going from Bombay in Rajdhani 3A so can i go with him in open ticket

(Prabhat Kumar) #4

If you board train with General Ticket anytime in any coach, you’ll not be charged any penalty if there is vacancy in the coach you’re in. So you’ll only be charged difference in fare of actual ticket and the general ticket you hold. Assuming there is no vacancy even in lower classes. If there is then go and get the ticket without penalty for the lower class berth and look for upgrade.

But if there is no vacancy in the coach you’re in then you’ll be charged minimum penalty of Rs. 250. In all cases if ticket cost is more than Rs. 250 then equal amount of penalty will be recovered when no vacancy is there.

If there is no vacancy then you’ll be charged penalty based on Sleeper class and you’ll be asked to move to Sleeper class if you’re in any upper classes(AC etc). After penalty you’ll be fully allowed to continue your journey but only in Sleeper class till the end of your journey.

(Sankalp Malpani) #5

Thank you so much for quick reply. U wanted to ask for this that i am thinking of booking a waiting ticket for rajdhani (from railway counter) and my brother’s ticket is confirmed so can i travel with him or not…is there any possibility that i will not be allowed to travel

(Prabhat Kumar) #6

Yes you can travel in that case.
You can travel if you have a waitlisted ticket from PRS counter. But you will not get a seat there. However you can ask TTE for available seats as some cancellations take place after chart preparation also.

(Aarya) #7

@Sankalp_Malpani No, you cannot travel with a general waiting counter ticket in a Rajdhani train. This is allowed in some express category trains, but for Rajdhani trains, travelling with fellow passenger even with a waiting ticket is not allowed, if the PNR is different. TTE will ask you to deboard and will not allow to sit in train. It will be better if you take proper ticket or plan to travel in some other train.

(Shayak Bhattacharjee) #8

NO. You CANNOT board Rajdhani without a confirmed ticket.