ISL DELETED What does it mean?🤔

ISL DELETED What does it mean?🤔
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(arun singh tanwar) #1

While i m booking tkt from ASR to RE
What does it mean?:thinking:

(mukesh) #2

It means that on the date of journey the train will either not touch boaring station or the origin station… I have also faced the same problem on 28 june…

(arun singh tanwar) #3

But i have already booking on the same date with 2A now o want to make further booking but showing this error. What to do?

(@shish) #4

This means on that day your coach is not going to attach to the train.
In simple words your coach is removed .

(arun singh tanwar) #5

I have confirm ticket on that day of 6 people from asr to re. While i am checking availability from asr to re on 24 july it shows isn deleted stn but i checked just next staion from asr it shows w/l availability. Also check availability from further station it is availabal but from particular staion asr it not available. What is this mystery? I cant understand…

(mukesh) #6

Your train will not touch asr on the day of journey or on the it is showing isl stn deleted… You can check the train on cancelled train section there you will get clear information whether train is cancelled on asr on that day or what is the reason

(arun singh tanwar) #7

How to know train is cancelled or diverted on 24th july from asr in advance ?

(mukesh) #8

In trainman you will see that there is a option of cancelled and diverted trains there you can check the same

(arun singh tanwar) #9

I checked but there is no information about that train whether it cancelled or diverted on which i made booking.

(cho co) #10

Same issue Maine bltr to anvt train check kia to no train bta rha same just next station s check to same train waha s show ho rhi abi check krne pe ISLDeleted show ho rha kya mtlb h ???