Is train no. 04673 running in August 2020?

Is train no. 04673 running in August 2020?
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(Manish) #1

Is a SHAHEED EXPRESS (04673) train starting on aug-20 month ??
trains its stoppage in SAKARI (SKI) Date -03-Aug-2020


(Mahima Jain) #2

Train no 04673 Shaheed COVID 19 Special is running as per the schedule. Till now, the train is not cancelled for August 03, 2020. Yes, the train has a scheduled stoppage at Sakri Jn (SKI) for 2 minutes. The train reaches the Sakri Jn (SKI) at 08:17. Click on the link below to know the complete schedule of this train.
Shaheed COVID 19 Special 04673 train schedule & stoppages

(Ankit Tripathi) #3

If u still have any queries then contact 139 railway helpline for more accurate information.