Is train no. 04517 a toy train or not?

Is train no. 04517 a toy train or not?
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(Aditya Prabakaran) #1

[My query is about train 04517]

(Saurabh) #2

Yes, train no. 04517 Kalka Shimla Festival Special is a toy train. It departs from Kalka station (KLK) at 07:00 and arrives at Simla station (SML) at 12:55. Kalka Shimla Festival Special takes 5 hrs 55 mints to cover the distance of 94 km between Kalka and Shimla. You can click on the link below to check the seat availability in this train.
Kalka Shimla Festival Special 04517 Seat Availability January to May

(Sangeet Aseth) #3

The 04517 mail express train departs from Kalka at 07:00 hrs and arrives at Simla at 12:55 hrs. The total running duration of 04517 train is 5hr 55min, stopping …