Is mobile phone charger available in sleeper class in coach SL1?

Is mobile phone charger available in sleeper class in coach SL1?
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(Thiruvengadam N) #1

I’m booking ticket to Chennai my coach SL1 that coach mobile phone charger available say yes or no

(Aasim Zubair) #2

Not sure how can we say available or not
Depending upon ur luck

(zaid ahmad) #3

With the change in times, Indian Railways has also changed itself in some aspects atleast (leaving behind the sanitation, safety, punctuality issues). One being the Charging Points in the Trains and at Railway Stations.Best android chargers online.
You can actually find a lot of charging points evenly distributed across the Stations though their working condition is a point of concern. Many ports are not working or located at inconvenient places or many people might have already plugged in their phones so you just have to wait for really long hours thus making it a gruesome experience. So the best tip to locate a working charging point at Indian Railways Station is to locate a group of persons cramped up in a corner/location.

(williamjones) #4

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