Is it true that fare is Rs.0 in HO quota?

Is it true that fare is Rs.0 in HO quota?
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(Jaydeep Jadav) #1

#yes/no and tell me fare details for HO qouta.
Fast reply pls.

(Akhil) #2

Normally fare for HO quota is same as that of general quota. But for actual VIPs like member of parliament or IAS officers, they may not be charged anything.

(POOJA) #3

Sl kota 800/par name AC 1000/


No it’s not like that. Every train has some fixed VIP/Official quota known as HO Quota or Parliament House Quota through which any waiting list ticket is confirmed. Sometimes a ticket is also directly issued from that quota which is almost considered as free.
In case of any VIP they do have free railway passes or free tickets for certain fixed time journey. They get these tickets as a part of travel allowances as per Central Govt rules.
Every MLA/MLC/MP get certain number of free/discounted tickets every year in railways.
Sometimes it also applies to Ex MLA/MLC/MP.