Is food included in fare of 3A class?

Is food included in fare of 3A class?
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(Sahil Thombre) #1

I want to know are food charges included in 3rd ac ticket fare or need to order separate in train

(Rohit) #2

@Sahil_Thombre Food is provided only in premium trains in India. So if you have booked your ticket for trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi or Duronto, then food is provided, the cost of which is included in ticket fare. For other trains, food fare is not inclusive of ticket fare and generally they don’t serve food in train. However for trains where pantry car is attached, they do have food arrangements for which passengers need to order for food during the journey and have to pay at that time only.

For trains where food changes are inclusive, there is a separate category called “catering charges” in fare distribution. So if you are not sure of any such fare, you can try to make similar booking and before payment, can check fare distribution to know whether food fare is inclusive and is provided in train or not.



no only rajdhani and satabadi train