Is duty pass quota (DPWL) different from high official quota(HO)?

Is duty pass quota (DPWL) different from high official quota(HO)?
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(Navmesh Singh) #1

I am not clear about duty pass quota and High official quota is there is anything difference between them? And do both of them same number of allocated seats or different number of allocated seats?

(Prabhat Kumar) #2

Both the quotas, Duty pass quota and High Official quota are different.
HO Quota/Emergency quota is a discretionary quota by railways basically for berth allotment in emergency cases to high railway officials, ministers, MPs, MLA, Judges and other dignitaries. The seats in this quota are minimal and reviewed from time to time based on actual requirements. Common man can also apply for this quota but the chances are quite less because of low priority.

Duty Pass Quota is basically meant for railway staff on duty. All those railway staffs that need to travel in trains to perform their duty have a duty pass through which they can board the trains. A limited number of berths have been earmarked in Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express Trains in all classes. This quota can be used by any railway pass holder such as duty, privilege, complimentary etc.

You can get better idea of both these quotas by visiting the link below: