I forgot my username, how do I recover my IRCTC account?

I forgot my username, how do I recover my IRCTC account?
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(Keshav Varma) #1

I had created my IRCTC account before, but unfortunately I forgot my username and password, please suggest a way to recover my IRCTC account.

How can I recover my IRCTC user id and password?
How can I recover my IRCTC Id and password?
(Prabhat Kumar) #2

If you have forgot your username then follow these steps:

  1. Search for "ticketadmin@irctc.co.in" in the Inbox of your email ID which has been registered with your IRCTC account. You will probably find the mail if you’ve booked even a single ticket from your account.

  2. Look for the username in this mail. This mail has the IRCTC username. It would be something like this “Congratulations! Thank you for using IRCTCs online rail reservation facility. Your e-ticket has been booked through IRCTC User Id: xxxxxxxx”.

  3. Once you’ve got your User ID. Go to the IRCTC and click on forgot password. Now, enter the User ID and then click proceed. Now you will be taken to page where you will asked to answer a security question. Answer the security question and then click on proceed. You will get an email for resetting the password. Follow the instructions and then reset your password. You may also use the option of resetting the password through OTP instead of security question.

I have forgotten my Irctc password and user ID. How should I recover it?
How do I recover my username?
How can I recover my IRCTC account?
(Kantilal Soni) #3

Send my username snd pass word

(Ucsekhar Sekhar) #5

i have forgotten user id and password long long ago how i can get

(Chandan Dolui) #6

Amar kichu mone nei

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How to recoy my IRCTC user and password