I booked my journey ticket

I booked my journey ticket
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(Omprakash Sharma) #1

What is flused pnr. please suggested me

(Himanshu) #2

‘flushed PNR/PNR not yet generated’

The above sort of dialogues display when you are trying to check the PNR status of an old travel ticket (either E-ticket or counter ticket).

I hope it helps…!
The meaning of Flushed PNR-

PNR number remain online till 5 days after date of journey and after that it flushed but stored in database, we cannot check status of flushed PNRs. Flushed PNR is the term used at Railways end. When the Journey for particular ticket has been passed, Railway server will remove that data after particular duration. Those removed pnr’s are called Flushed PNR.

PNR not generated means you are trying to enter PNR which is not available or you are entering a wrong PNR number

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