Howrah Rajdhani Golden Jubilee

Howrah Rajdhani Golden Jubilee
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(Shayak Bhattacharjee) #1

On 3rd March 1969, first Rajdhani Express of Indian Railways 101 Up/ 102 Dn Howrah-Nayi Dilli Rajdhani Express made its maiden journey from Howrah to Dilli. On 3rd March 2019, the train, now renamed to 12301/2, will have made this journey every day of 50 years. We expect that Eastern Railway will be hosting a large celebration on this occasion. However, there might be change in date of the event due to 3rd March is Sunday when train runs via Patna as 12305.

This post is for two purposes :
(1) For members to kindly post any information regarding the celebrations.
(2) For members to discuss with each other who wants to take trip on that train. Since we expect that tickets will get fully sold out within first week of November, now is a good time to start making plans about the trip.

Moderators, is it possible to keep this topic at top of thread if possible for a few weeks, preferably until the tickets are sold out ? That way it will gain maximum visibility of esteemed members.

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Prabhat ji, iss post ko kuch dino ke liye high visibility me rakh sakte hai kya aap ?

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An empty post to bring up the thread to the top of the charts. Surely some members on this Forum are interested ?