How to register complaint with Indian Railways?

How to register complaint with Indian Railways?
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(Venktaramani P Venky) #1

Any Repair viz., Glass broken in windows / fan is not running / and dirty toilets and compartment not cleaned and it goes so on… For these things to who we have to complaint ???

If I tel TTR he used to say he will tell the Dept to attend but when GOD only knows.

Secondly Lot of passengers with open tickets getting in to Reserved coaches in Sleeper Class and some time in AC coach and they sit near to Toilets and creating all kind of trouble by talking loudly on their mobile etc.,

These are things to whom I have to compaint I really do not know. Some time Police will appear as Full moon day and they will disappear after 5 minutes and no police for the entire journey.

Again i am asking to whom we should compliant.

By that we tired we may get our destination. And Railways running only on this POINT strength.


(Niketa) #3

For all complaints / services during travel, you can dial 139. Alternatively, you can tweet to @RailMinIndia mentioning your PNR and complaint.