How to get message of ticket?

How to get message of ticket?
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(Sai Kumar ) #1

[My query is about PNR 4345112868 for train 12733 NARAYANADRI EXP]

(Rahul Maru) #2

follow the steps given below:

  1. log-in to the irctc website from the here: IRCTC WEBSITE
  2. open the tab booked ticket history.
  3. check the PNR in the check box. and select PNR of which you need message.
  4. click on the button GET SMS on the rightside bottom.
  5. you will get message on your registered mobile number. you can show this message to TTE during your journey.


Automatically, you will get message from Railway authorities on preparation of chart. otherwise, you have to select in particular booked ticket column and then to press get SMS.