How to download ticket in mobile?

How to download ticket in mobile?
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(Ravi Kumar) #1

[My query is about PNR 8100637984 for train 11055 GODAN EXPRESS]

(Rahul Maru) #2

Next time when you book ticket from the IRCTC app. after successful transaction, they will show the ticket and you can download the ticket at that time.

(Ashish Yadav) #3

Simple open irctc app , log in your ID
When u open ur id, you see at left corner of the app A menu bar , click on it where u find an option My transactionagain click nd here is ur main option ie. My Booking ,click on it and you can see ur ticket on the mobile screen.
On ur ticket page at right edge u will see 3 dotted line in vertical manner like this :
Click on it here u see an option view ticket again click and finally u can see ur original ticket which can be downloaded .
Save ur ticket and enjoy ur journey.