How to book ticket in HO quota?

How to book ticket in HO quota?
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(Amit n zala) #1

HO quota me book krna he

(Imran Khan) #2

Ho quota me booking emergency travel karna ho tab Hoti h jaise koi medical emergency

(mukesh prasad) #3

Ho stand for head office
You can’t book ticket in this quota as special quota for waiting ticket confirmation

(Rajesh Tripathy) #4

@Amit_n_zala Every train in indian railway has a VIP seats,under HO quota, i. e High Official quota,in each class either it is sleeper, 3ac,2ac,chair car.

These seats are generally kept for the railway’s high officials , ministers,mp ,mla, or any one travelling in case of emergency.

It is a myth that only ministers ,and gazetted officers can get seats in this quota. Even a comman man can also get a seat in this quota provided some emergency to travel.