How to book one entire coach in train no. 52459?

How to book one entire coach in train no. 52459?
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(Siddharth Sehgal) #1

[MCan we Book this train from Chandigarh Railway Station 1 month in advance or do we need to go to Kalka station. This query is w.r.t to full bogey booking…y query is about train 52459]

(Rohit) #2


The process to book an entire coach is as follows:

  1. One has to do registration to avail this facility. Registration can be done a maximum 6 months in advance and a minimum 30 days prior to the journey date.
    FTR registration can be done either on IRCTC website- IRCTC FTR SERVICE or on UTS counter of journey commencing station.

  2. After submission of the request, one will get a reference number. Party will also be told to pay registration amount to avail the facility.

  3. One will have to submit registration amount within six days of booking to get an FTR Reference number.

  4. One will have to pay Rs. 50, 000 for booking a coach up to 7 days of tour journey period.
    After 7 days, additional Rs. 10, 000/- per day/per coach will have to be paid.

You may visit the link below to get more details on the same: