How offline live tracking works?

How offline live tracking works?
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(Hariharan Raju) #1

Could you please explain how your offline mode is working as description says “it works without GPS and internet”. Did it works using cell tower location information in this case? Please explain.

(Akhil) #3

@Hariharan_Raju Yes, if any app says that it works without GPS and internet, then it must be using your cell tower information to determine the location of train.

In such cases, the status of train is very precise and one can rely on it. Since using Internet mode, they mostly fetch location from NTES which is not very accurate. NTES even displays wrong information many a times. Hence relying on cell tower information seems feasible. It becomes all the more accurate when more and more people use it as then for each train there will be more number of cell information which will then make the data more reliable and will fetch accurate train location.