How do people feel about dynamic fares? Is it justified?

How do people feel about dynamic fares? Is it justified?
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(Karan Kumar) #1

What do you think about dynamic fare. Isn’t it exploitation as railways is a very basic means/need of an average Indian citizen?

(Akhil) #2

Charging higher fare under high demand is justified. The same is done for other modes of travel like flights, buses and cabs. So why not do it for railways also? But the way dynamic fare is calculated here is flawed. I am explaining below how:

  1. Under dynamic fare usually a route becomes expensive if the demand increases in the route for a particular date (say a long weekend). But in case of railways, since dynamic fare is applied only in rajdhani / shatabdi / duronto which means instead of the whole route a few trains become expensive. So in many routes people usualy opt other non-premium trains due to which these dynamic fare premium trains go empty. For example, if you check ticket from Delhi to Chennai, you will find that tickets are available for Rajdhani express but are waitlisted for Tamilnadu express which has no dynamic fare.

  2. Dynamic fare is on second ac / third ac but not on first ac. If 50% dynamic fare is applied on second ac, its fare become very close to that of first ac. Under such scenario people tend to opt for first ac as it will have better amenities and services compared to second ac under similar price.

  3. With higher price for trains, in many cases flight price is below or comparable to rajdhanis and durontos when booked in advance. Under such cases people will prefer flight which takes 2-3 hours for entire journey as opposed to trains which can take 40-50 hours for long journeys.

Therefore, the whole dynamic pricing in railway needs a restructuring.

(Priya) #3

Railway is making the train journey super expensive. In recent years a lot of changes have been done which is affecting people economically. The fare was hiked recently. Then cancellation charges were almost doubled. Now they have introduced dynamic pricing under which price has increased by a staggering Rs.1000 for some classes.

Why does railway do not think of common man while building such policies? Why do MPs and MLAs still need not pay anything even for first class tickets whereeas common man has to pay double, triple for every journey?

(Praful) #4

It’s high time truth be told. In my own experience, the dynamic faring is a SPAM by Indian Railways. Believe me, it’s not what it signifies. To be fair, dynamic faring isn’t a bad concept to start with, but again, its Indian Government, and hence the implimentation of such a thing is a mess. It’s another way of saying to common people “Jyada paise do ya fir dhakke khao”. It was in recent years that fares were hiked twice, and now this delusional concept of dynamic fare is thrown to our face. @Akhil has wonderfully explained this concept and why it needs to be restructured. Good work Man…!!

(Yash) #5

I had a very strange incident with dynamic pricing scheme of Railways. I wanted to book ticket from Delhi to Katihar in Dibrugarh Rajdhani (12424). There was a waitlist of 1 and the dynamic fare at that time was 50% of base fare in third ac. It was very expensive. So I extended destination by one station. Now I checked availability from Delhi to Kishanganj which comes one hour after Katihar. Here not only ticket was available but there was no dynamic pricing as the seats were mostly empty. I quickly booked the ticket. This saved me Rs.1100 and also gave me a confirmed berth :slight_smile:

Usually waitlisted passengers have to pay the maximum dynamic pricing. It is absurd because not only Railway is not giving berth but also charging higher price. Dynamic pricing is a curse to passengers. Jago grahak jago and do something about it.

(Prerna) #6

There are some special dynamic fare trains run by railways. Fare for these trains change dynamically and many times are more than flight fare. I once had to take this dynamic fare special train as there were no other option (no airport in my origin city). I had to shell out Rs.6000 per person. And guess what - the train reached destination with a delay of 16 hours :tired_face::tired_face:

Clearly, dynamic fare here is not at all justified. If one pays this much, one expects good service.

(Mobasshir Quamar) #7

It can aptly called as “Black Marketing” in a legal way. Exactly like how the movie tickets are sold for a higher price in black when the demand is high, except that it is not done by touts but the government themselves.

(Mritunjay Pandey) #8

Once I travelled with New Delhi-bhopal shatabdi express. When I booked, around 250 seats were vacant but I have to pay the dynamic fare. I followed the train and found that regularly 200-300 seats remain vacant. What is the purpose of dynamic fare in such a train where so many seats remain empty…