How can I reach Allahabad from Mangaluru?

How can I reach Allahabad from Mangaluru?
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(Mohammad Tahir) #1

I am going to Allahabad from Mangaluru pls tell me how I

(Prabhat Kumar) #2

There are no direct trains between Mangaluru Junction and Allahabad.
You can reach Agra Cantt station from Mangaluru Junction by travelling in a train. There are around 5 trains that run between Mangalore and Agra. The train 12617/Mangla Lakshdweep Exp runs daily and will take around 38 hours to reach Agra.
From Agra, you will find a number of options to reach Allahabad either by train or bus. A number of trains run between Agra and Allahabad. You may check the trains by visiting the link below: