How can I order food for this train-07149? There is no pantry and journey is of 2 days!

How can I order food for this train-07149? There is no pantry and journey is of 2 days!
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(SACHIN.1) #1

Food in train having no pantry.

(Yoki Vijay) #2

You can use IRCTC app or travel khana app

(Rahul Bhagat) #3

Don’t worry, on-board catering is available in your train

(SACHIN.1) #4

Thanks, Travel Khajana app is showing some stations where food can be ordered.

(SACHIN.1) #5

But the order will be given from outside ? Any guarantee that food will be delivered ?

(Neemesh) #6

You can order from Trainman app only. They have a tie-up with Travelkhana where food will be delivered at your berth only. I have ordered food many a times from Trainman and got good food (Except one time, when delivery guy did not turn up). In my experience keep in mind certain things and you will get good food:

Just keep in mind that the timings to deliver is bit sensitive. So try and get food by 8 pm …whichever station comes by that time, get it delivered from there and try to choose big stations as big stations have good food vendors, whereas if you try to order from small stations, food might not be that good.

Also while ordering, do not try to get food between 9 pm to 8 am as during that time, they might take the order but might not be able to deliver. During these timings restaurants either do not have food or don’t have delivery person, and you might end up getting no food. Hence I would suggest you to get food either at Vijaywada, Vishakhapatnam, or Barddhaman, Malda Town or New Jalpaiguri for your journey! Also once you order, call them half an hour before reaching to the station where food is to be delivered to tell them actual train status so that they reach station (to deliver food) on time.

(SACHIN.1) #7

Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. Really appreciate it.