How can I get lower berth instead of upper berth?

How can I get lower berth instead of upper berth?
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I have booked ticket for my mother and Aunt ( under Senior Citizen Female concession). I produce Medical certificate of Orthopedic Spine Surgeon as My mother have Fracture in Low back. Still both ladies have been given upper birth by Railway PRS. PNR is 8561235938 . now whom I should approach? First question is how Senior citizen and that to Women allotted with Upper birth.

(Sharan Saini) #2

By requesting tteā€¦and fellow pessengers only

(@shish) #3

This is because you booked ticket for 3 persons in General qouta seats.You will get lower birth quota only if 2 senior citizen travelling alone.
At the time of booking there is no lower births are available in general quota,thats why you got upper seats.

(Roshan Lal Bhardwaj) #4

You should have to apply for lower seats quata any how After boarding and checking of ticket by TTE you can request to other pessenger to adjust his berth by mutual understanding only