How can I contact coach attender if doors are closed for midnight boarding?

How can I contact coach attender if doors are closed for midnight boarding?
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(Kamesh Shrivastava) #1

Dabra station does not has display facility and sometimes doors of trains are closed in night time then it is very difficult to board a train in midnight …is there any facility to contact coach attender

(jjmanuel) #2

This has happened to me many time and I understand the problem. Railway should do something on this issue becoz when a bonafied passenger with a confirm reservation is unable to board the train becoz the doors of the coach is closed and most of the train halt is only 1-2 minutes. Imagine the plight of that passenger.
In my case, without wasting time banging at the door I run to the nearest open door coach before the train start to move and walk through the coach to my allotted berth, look out for the TTE and give him a bang. Railway should make a strict rules that TTE should open the door at station where he has confirm passenger boarding.

(ajay) #3

No there was no facilty to contact coach atender in train.but there was a way check the passengers who are deboarding get into that coach and you can move to your respective coach inside the train.

(ajay) #4

Yes that was duty of tte to open door and wake up passenger when passenger reaches his destination.

(Kamesh Shrivastava) #5

How can we check passanger deboarding detail. Is any online facility to check it .

(ajay) #6

No online facility like that you need check at station after train arrives and any person deboarding .or if any door kept open you can get from that door and move to respective coach.